2017 Ecuador


Why Ecuador?  I had narrowed my search to India, China and Russia and felt I needed an organized tour to travel alone to one these countries.  While researching tours, I stumbled onto a tour of Ecuador.  The photos of the animals, birds, waterfalls, etc. were just amazing.  The more I read about Ecuador the more intrigued I became. I’ve traveled to many places outside the USA and like to explorer different cultures.  South America has interested me for a while.
I really liked the tour description so next I researched flights.  I could fly Delta round trip for only about $500 and upgrade to Comfort Plus for just a little more.   The flights are the perfect times for me and I can bank some Delta miles.  I believe in signs and when things come together easily, I know it’s the right decision.  I called the tour company and a single room was available….DONE.  I’m going to Ecuador.

Preparing for Ecuador

Ecuador Tour – Days 1 – 4

Ecuador Tour – Days 5 – 7

Ecuador Tour – Day 8

Ecuador Tour – Day 9 and 10



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