Preparing for Ecuador

I’ve booked my flight and tour.   Do I sit back and relax?  No, it’s time to start shopping.

After lots of research, I learn I will need some new clothes and gadgets to make it through a visit to the Amazon and rain forests .   Shopping begins on were you can buy anything and everything for great prices.  With my Amazon Prime account, I can get almost anything delivered in 2 days at no cost plus most clothes include free return shipping.  (Just try them on in the privacy of your home and if they don’t fit, ship back for free.)

My journey begins and ends in the city of Quito.  Quito temperatures can range from 48-74 in September and typical dress is casual.  I think jeans for sightseeing and a pair of slacks for the evening with long sleeve cotton tops.  I’ll also carry a scarf…It can dress up an outfit and also will be handy if a church prefers ladies to be covered.

My lodge in the Amazon provides rubber boots but I will need a pair of hiking boots for visits to rain forests and hikes to waterfalls.  After checking, I jump on and find a great pair of hiking boots on clearance.   They offer free shipping if I spend a little more, so I find a tunic with mosquito proofing and add that to my cart.  The Amazon is damp and wet and gets about 80 inches of rain each year.   I expect mosquitoes….along with other critters.  This makes we think about bugs, bats and creepy things.  While looking for Bug Spray, I see a plug-in device called an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.  Does it work?  I don’t know but if there is a chance it will keep bats out of my room in the Amazon, I’ll buy it.

I continue my online shopping and pick up a few quick-dry tops and socks, long pants that zip off to shorts, a travel towel and a pair of water shoes.  (I will be spending a night at Termas de Papallacta which is famous for the thermal hot springs which cover the grounds of the lodge.  Water shoes will come in handy when I hop from spring to spring.)

I also purchase a new lightweight rain jacket with a hood, fleece jacket and fleece vest.  Layers will be important because the weather changes very quickly in Ecuador.  I will also be moving around from town to town with altitudes over 10,000 feet in some areas.

Altitude….this is the next thing I research.  Apparently it is common for tourist to get Altitude sickness in Ecuador and it’s not fun.  Many travelers get a prescription for Diamox from their doctor and I find a more natural drug called Altitude RX on  I will be getting my annual doctor’s check up in two weeks so I will consult my doctor.

Well, I’m almost ready…13 weeks to go.


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