The Perfect Camera Bag – Purse

I’ve enjoyed my lightweight Point and Shoot Camera for many years.  It takes good photos and I love the convenience of carrying a small camera in my travel purse.  BUT I miss my old 35 mm Canon.

It’s been 12 years since I made the move to Digital and I decided this year to move up to a Digital SLR. Yes, I’m back to a big camera and it will not fit in my purse.

My new Canon Rebel T6i is awesome but the ugly Canon Camera Bag has to go.  I want a camera bag that does not scream “I’m carrying an expensive camera” and that can also hold a few essentials.   On vacation I don’t want to carry a purse and camera bag so I need a bag that can be both.

I start my search on Amazon where I know I can find anytime.  There are so many options and while I want to carry my camera, extra lenses, iPhone, Kindle, passport, credit cards and cash, I don’t want to carry a huge bag.  Basically I want the impossible.

Jo Totes had some nice bags as did Bag Smart and Kattee but I ultimately decided on the Saratoga by Kelly Moore.  It looks similar to an expensive french tote I bought in Paris years back and includes a removable padded basket to protect my camera and lenses.  There are built-in slots for credit cards and SD cards plus a small zippered compartment inside.  There is room for a kindle or iPad inside between the basket and bag.  The outside has a zippered pocket perfect for my iPhone or small wallet.  The bottom also unsnaps to give me a little more room in the bottom corners.


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